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Lizzie Velasquez: so inspiring!

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I wasn’t going to write a post tonight but after seeing Lizzie’s video which was tweeted by a friend of mine, I had to share it.  I hadn’t heard of her before today but I was so moved by the strength of her resilience.  She has such an important lesson to teach us about overcoming adversity and the choices you must make in the face of it.  Enjoy…


You can visit Lizzie’s website at http://www.aboutlizzie.com/


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Walk the Thought is a personal development blog that incorporates strategies and tools used in cognitive behavioural therapy and other psychology disciplines to help you to make real and lasting changes in your life. At the heart of Walk the Thought’s philosophy is the belief that that everyone needs goals in life they are passionate about. Realising a goal and taking steps towards it invigorates us and gives our lives meaning; whilst achieving a hard-earned goal energises our self-belief and motivates us to aim higher. It is Walk the Thought’s mission to help you equip yourself with the knowledge and problem-solving skills you need for independent self-coaching.

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